Free To Be Me

Living Life Free, Filled With Hope

Rave Reviews

“Stacey Paden is a trophy of God’s grace. Her story will inspire and encourage any audience. The Holy Spirt uses her transparency, humor, and honesty to move people toward a fresh walk with Jesus. I am honored to be her pastor.”

-Ted Traylor, Pastor, Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

“You know what they say about life and lemons. Stacey Paden must have been listening, for she took the horrific lemons of her early years and surrendered them to the Master of sweet lemonade. Over time, Jesus has stirred up in Stacey a thirst for Him that just cannot be quenched. The friend in me loves her transparent, infectious faith. The author and speaker in me knows a gifted, God-anointed calling when she sees it. I share this endorsement with confidence: Stacey Paden, committed Christ follower, is welcomed refreshment to the soul.”

-Ava Sturgeon, Author, A Daughter’s Worth and A Daughter’s Heart

“The relentless love of the Almighty Father, the transforming power of Jesus Christ, and the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit to hold her steadfast in the face of adversity that would test the most faithful of saints. Stacey’s journey with the Lord has inspired me to examine my own walk with Christ, and I’m sure it will inspire countless others. Proud to call her my friend.”

-Shari Ancelet, Friend and Sister in Christ

“Stacey Paden is a hero when it comes to recovery. She is a success story who won the battle and bravely shares with others how she did it.  She has climbed the mountains and crossed the valleys and encourages others to join the ranks of those who are champions of sobriety. Her transparency is real and her story brings hope!”

-Tammy Whitehurst–Speaker, Author,  and Co-Owner of the Christian Communicators Conference


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