The Shadow of The Almighty

Something happened to my heart last week. I was fighting with the Lord (which is so stupid, cause we all know He is gonna get His way one way or another) when I said, “Lord, I cant trust with my heart.” To which He responded, “Then do you trust me with it?” Ouch. In that … Continue reading The Shadow of The Almighty

Be Vulnerable

Everywhere I've turned for days I hear the Lord saying, "you have to do this. " Each time I respond. "But Lord, what if this happens again? It will break my heart. I can't." Then my pastor prayed yesterday, on his face on the altar, (and I'm paraphrasing and reporting what God whispered to my … Continue reading Be Vulnerable

The Many Face of Stacey

My weight has been an issue for many years. When I started my sobriety I was a size 16/18. My weight began increasing then. I’ve roller coastered with my weight up and down for these twenty years. I’ve done diets. I’ve done supplements. I’ve done more diets . . . and more supplements. I’ve even … Continue reading The Many Face of Stacey

Whiter Than Snow

The morning was insane - early wake up call with a sick dog and needing my husband's help to attach a frame to a sign left me rushed and my schedule broken. No coffee in bed and no quiet time. I was a mess. Then my perfect board - the one my husband was helping … Continue reading Whiter Than Snow

Thankful –

I hope you believe God’s timing is perfect. I haven't written in several months. Between health and adjusting to working I have struggled. Just weeks before this photo was taken I contacted a speaker mentor and told her I didn’t think God could use me in the area of speaking. I said I can’t imagine … Continue reading Thankful –


If you've ever held a job for any sort of time there will come a tome when your boss calls you in for a performance evaluation. Some times those go well, and sometimes . . . not so well. Regardless how that evaluation goes, the purpose is to bring out your strengths and to improve … Continue reading Self-Evaluation

Even In The Desert

God has been so faithful to me these last three weeks, longer than that, of course, but specifically He has shown Himself these three weeks. During this time one child had two separate diagnoses of flu, another child was diagnosed with strep, had adenoids removal surgery surgery, and was also diagnosed with flu. I had … Continue reading Even In The Desert

Something New on Wellness Wednesday

I have been doing a lot of research the last few months on what I can eat and shouldn't eat. At times it gets frustrating and confusing. A few days ago Priscilla Shirer made an instagram post about Danielle Waller’s new cook book. She raved on the healthy options and the ease of the recipes. … Continue reading Something New on Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday – on Thursday 🤦‍♀️-

I had a doctor appointment last week. I stressed my concern that even though I am eating right and even walking as often as weather permits I hadn't lost any weight in three months. I was discouraged and confused. We talked about what I was eating and then she said the words I had never … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – on Thursday 🤦‍♀️-