A New Beginning

Twenty-one years ago tonight, October 19,1998, I sat down in a gold, 1970's suede chair as a drunk, a thief, a liar, an abusive parent, and an adulterous woman. I was an angry, bitter, and spiteful person . . . but I was also desperate to be different. There is no explanation on the events … Continue reading A New Beginning

Yeap. I Said it.

I started my study on Sarah this morning and out of the blue a thought came to me so I scribbled it on my hand so I can see it throughout the day - There was a time when I said something very idiotic. I said to a struggling addict, “just have faith” and shrugged … Continue reading Yeap. I Said it.


July 27 I posted this picture to brag on my beautiful plant. It was thriving and even though I knew it needed to be trimmed back I wouldn't let my husband touch it because I was AFRAID trimming it back would remove what few blooms it had. If you look at the picture below you … Continue reading Uprooted

I’m Just A Nobody

I heard this song on the way to an event this morning and the Spirit of God said, "write" so I pulled into a parking lot and jotted down what I sensed Him speaking to my soul. Nobody, Casting Crowns I have heard all my life that I was a nobody. That if I didn't … Continue reading I’m Just A Nobody

Stepping Out Of The Box

One of the benefits of purging is being able to display the things I treasure. I've been in a season of purging and exposing truths (physically and spiritually) - becoming more vulnerable than I even thought possible. My grandfather took impeccable care of everything he owned. He was also a pack-rat also so I get that … Continue reading Stepping Out Of The Box

It’s Independence Day

Millions of Americans celebrate our nations liberty today. I am included in that number. I love my country. My dad and grandfather taught me to honor the flag and all political positions, not only including but especially the President of the United States. . . . even if I didn't agree with them. Respect the … Continue reading It’s Independence Day

A Prayer of David

Fear. Is. A. Liar. Know what I love the most about scripture? When I feel guilty for pleading to God about something all I have to do is turn to the Psalms and see that even David, a man after God’s own heart, did the same thing. Satan wants to isolate us. He wants us … Continue reading A Prayer of David

An Intimate God

Our God is intimate, personal, and relatable. I'm so glad He is the one constant I have. Yesterday was a tough day. When you have a child on the Autism spectrum you never know when all the emotions (good stress or bad stress) will break lose in an emotional rage. Yesterday was that day. Weekends … Continue reading An Intimate God

My Body

I just got off the phone with a young lady who works for Stonecroft Ministries. We’ve never talked before but we were both able to share our life stories - the root - the foundation - the connection - is that Jesus is in the life changing business. My life has been blessed and encouraged … Continue reading My Body