Grow Where Planted

I've always heard the saying, "bloom where planted" but the switch of words in today's Oswald Chambers hit me deep in the heart. God has been teaching me a new level of contentment, to be satisfied. . He has actually been taking an "I don’t want to do that” attitude away and I didn't even … Continue reading Grow Where Planted

Night Shade Foods – Today’s Wellness Wednesday

Just when I think I am starting to figure this health journey out the words "night shade" foods come in to play. There are many websites and facebook pages that teach AIP protocol and to be honest, it is quite overwhelming and yes, even discouraging. Some of the absolute favorite foods I enjoy are on … Continue reading Night Shade Foods – Today’s Wellness Wednesday

What’s Your Pulpit?

For several weeks my pastor has been emphasizing the importance of sharing the gospel from our pulpit. He explains that not everyone has the same pulpit he has been given but that still we are to be Jesus from wherever God has placed us. I have struggled with disappointment because I thought I would be … Continue reading What’s Your Pulpit?

Where He Meets Me

Does anyone else wish they could just ignore life and sit at Jesus’ feet? Goodness it’s hard to get away from learning when God is sitting with you as you study! My mentor introduced me to this book this week. My copy arrived yesterday. And my goodness- I wish I had received it twenty years … Continue reading Where He Meets Me

Growing in Wellness on Wellness Wednesday.

In recent weeks I have noticed I've stopped losing weight and have struggled with a lot of pain. A lot. I am to the point now where I don't crave sugar and am ready to start watching my  natural sugar in take. I have not focused on that because I just needed to cope with … Continue reading Growing in Wellness on Wellness Wednesday.

Fruit of the Spirit – Joy in the Word – Lesson 3

Psalm 119:9-16, 105 – 112 Once the Bible was just so many words to us, “clouds and darkness,” (represents before Christ or through one of life’s storm) then suddenly – the words became spirit and life because Jesus re-speaks them to us when our circumstances make the words new. (after salvation or your circumstances allow … Continue reading Fruit of the Spirit – Joy in the Word – Lesson 3

Building Up Others

Last year I purchased an amplified Bible. I had no idea how much it would help me with comprehension and definitions but it has become my go-to Bible for studying. A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend in casual conversation how much I have enjoyed my AMP Bible but that I wish I … Continue reading Building Up Others

Second Chances

Sometimes our children say things that are meant to be innocent but it is that innocence that smacks a momma in the face. A few weeks ago I was sharing with Kaitlyn that I would be meeting with a lady that is mentoring me in some areas I am struggling in. I explained what that … Continue reading Second Chances

It Begins In The Mind – Wellness Wednesday

Our words and thoughts have power. Scripture says there is the power of life and death in the tongue. The first thing I had to do was change my negative mindset and quit whining - yes. I threw a temper tantrum. A looong one. And it lasted for days - okay - weeks! I had … Continue reading It Begins In The Mind – Wellness Wednesday

Fruit of the Spirit – Joy in Weakness, Lesson 2

2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Last week we talked about Joy in trials - How much of finding joy in the trials begins with surrendering? Remember the purpose of trials is for spiritual maturity. This week we are talking about having joy in weakness. How much of having joy in weakness begins with surrendering? Every. Single. Bit. … Continue reading Fruit of the Spirit – Joy in Weakness, Lesson 2