Thankful –

I hope you believe God’s timing is perfect. I haven't written in several months. Between health and adjusting to working I have struggled. Just weeks before this photo was taken I contacted a speaker mentor and told her I didn’t think God could use me in the area of speaking. I said I can’t imagine … Continue reading Thankful –


If you've ever held a job for any sort of time there will come a tome when your boss calls you in for a performance evaluation. Some times those go well, and sometimes . . . not so well. Regardless how that evaluation goes, the purpose is to bring out your strengths and to improve … Continue reading Self-Evaluation

Even In The Desert

God has been so faithful to me these last three weeks, longer than that, of course, but specifically He has shown Himself these three weeks. During this time one child had two separate diagnoses of flu, another child was diagnosed with strep, had adenoids removal surgery surgery, and was also diagnosed with flu. I had … Continue reading Even In The Desert

Something New on Wellness Wednesday

I have been doing a lot of research the last few months on what I can eat and shouldn't eat. At times it gets frustrating and confusing. A few days ago Priscilla Shirer made an instagram post about Danielle Waller’s new cook book. She raved on the healthy options and the ease of the recipes. … Continue reading Something New on Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday – on Thursday 🤦‍♀️-

I had a doctor appointment last week. I stressed my concern that even though I am eating right and even walking as often as weather permits I hadn't lost any weight in three months. I was discouraged and confused. We talked about what I was eating and then she said the words I had never … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – on Thursday 🤦‍♀️-

Merciful Grace

I have been irresponsible in an area of my life. I have spent the last hour with much regret and remorse, asking the Lord to forgive me and give me the discipline to change. A few minutes ago, out of the blue, I receive this text of scripture from a young lady that has graduated … Continue reading Merciful Grace

Grow Where Planted

I've always heard the saying, "bloom where planted" but the switch of words in today's Oswald Chambers hit me deep in the heart. God has been teaching me a new level of contentment, to be satisfied. . He has actually been taking an "I don’t want to do that” attitude away and I didn't even … Continue reading Grow Where Planted

Night Shade Foods – Today’s Wellness Wednesday

Just when I think I am starting to figure this health journey out the words "night shade" foods come in to play. There are many websites and facebook pages that teach AIP protocol and to be honest, it is quite overwhelming and yes, even discouraging. Some of the absolute favorite foods I enjoy are on … Continue reading Night Shade Foods – Today’s Wellness Wednesday

What’s Your Pulpit?

For several weeks my pastor has been emphasizing the importance of sharing the gospel from our pulpit. He explains that not everyone has the same pulpit he has been given but that still we are to be Jesus from wherever God has placed us. I have struggled with disappointment because I thought I would be … Continue reading What’s Your Pulpit?