Were You An Angel?

Have you ever had an encounter that pierced your heart so unexpectedly that it changed you? I did. Several, in fact, but one recently that continues to grip my heart. A few nights ago I was meeting a friend to visit when I saw her. She stood using a walking stick. Her breathing was heavy. … Continue reading Were You An Angel?

A Text From God

Our Lord has an amazing sense of humor. I have been working on a few posts the last few weeks but sensed they weren't complete so I have waited to share them. I try and post on my fb page a few times a week though so was searching for an encouraging word "image" to … Continue reading A Text From God

Is God A Liar?

When I read this quote this morning my mind raced to a time when I couldn't love myself. Not only could I not comprehend why loving myself was important, but I disgusted myself so much I couldn't fathom it. I knew what the Bible verses said, but I just couldn't . . . So I … Continue reading Is God A Liar?

A Good – Good Father

It's 7:05 eastern time - my dad took his last breath one year ago today and at that exact moment. God was gracious to my dad. His passing was beautiful and for the first time in two weeks he tried to talk - with his three children in front of him and tears rolling out … Continue reading A Good – Good Father

He Is My Aaron

It is hard to believe fifteen years ago tonight (because my husband says it's not official until the hour we were married) I became the wife of Chris Paden. While it seems like yesterday, it also seems like forever. For me, it's the longest relationship I've ever had (other than the title of mom). The old Stacey … Continue reading He Is My Aaron

Mental Chains

I saw this picture on a friend's facebook page and just had to share it. How true it is. The battle truly is in the mind - but it is often led with the pains and fears of the heart. Lord, I am counting on you to give me the courage to continue breaking these … Continue reading Mental Chains

I Will NEVER Bow To You –

I remember it clearly. I was standing in a bar in Beaufort, SC. I was holding an ice cold beer. There were men standing all around and one other female standing next to me. The subject of God came up. With an arrogance that is indescribable, I shouted, "I don't believe there is a God, … Continue reading I Will NEVER Bow To You –

The Greatest Example

There is always - always - always - someone worse off than you. I am not saying your struggle isn't real or even debilitating - I'm saying find someone else to serve that can't offer you anything in return. It helps change our self-centered focus and realigns our perspective with the greatest example of servant … Continue reading The Greatest Example

A New Favorite

Oh. My. Lands Ya'll!!I have to say, It’s not very often I am proud of the results I have when I try new recipes or anything from scratch. It usually turns in to a science project gone bad.Seriously.I’ve been without refined sugar for fourteen days.It has not been easy.In fact, I have had more detox … Continue reading A New Favorite