You! Yes You! You Are A SOMEBODY!

I've not forgot the first time I heard this. It was as if God Himself was assuring me of my value to Him. Romans 9:25 (msg) puts it best, "I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies; I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved." Maybe you are like me? Maybe you have doubted your worth … Continue reading You! Yes You! You Are A SOMEBODY!

The Greater Good

The to do list is long today for the husband and me. Our hope is to get things done that normally get interrupted by the needs of children. -pick up yard and cut grass - laundry -more laundry -clean out garage 😩 -clean out shed -FOLD laundry -and hopefully start setting up my silhouette and … Continue reading The Greater Good

I Get On My Knees

We have had some tough days over the last few months. The emotions and rages that run through a little boy that can't comprehend his responsibility and his part in consequences often leave me banging my head against the wall in disbelief. When change in plans push him over the edge and the screaming commences. … Continue reading I Get On My Knees

Power In The Name – Jesus

Do you know how special you are? God reminds me how special I am to Him when He wakes me with a song in my heart. It doesn’t happen daily. Or even weekly. But He does it, I suppose, because He knows the depths of my heart and He loves me in spite of everything … Continue reading Power In The Name – Jesus

One Chapter Closes – A New One Opens

For several months I have sensed I was to work part time. I have been praying about the details, that only God knows, for months. My concern was time - I have been in a season of purging and knew I needed to complete the task before me first and foremost. My home has been … Continue reading One Chapter Closes – A New One Opens

The Burden Bearer

This morning my journal entry begins with, "Lord, I seem to be discouraged. I don't even know how to pray or what to pray for in these situations . . . " I then began listing the things that burden my soul . . . salvations, jobs, kids, and the frustration of not hearing and … Continue reading The Burden Bearer

It Ain’t ‘Bout Me! Whew!

A few days ago I picked up a basic journal for me to use to keep up with my MPG on our Toyota. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles our Tahoe does and the Lord has been prodding me to be more aware of our outgoing money and gas mileage usage is one … Continue reading It Ain’t ‘Bout Me! Whew!

You Raise Me Up

Three years ago last week we found out the remaining litter that we rescued had parvo,  which included Gibbs, the pup Christopher picked to be his. Those were some hard days. We had done everything right - vet visits, two set of vaccinations, dewormed- we did everything we were supposed to do and yet parvo … Continue reading You Raise Me Up

Keep Walking

Sometimes I awake with a song in my Spirit and then a picture appears in my timeline that reinforces the song and when that I happens I know God is preparing me to keep my focus on Him. Satan does not want God's children to receive the victory. Scripture tells us Satan comes to steal, … Continue reading Keep Walking

Living Water

I haven’t had refined sugar since July 9. My hope was and still is, based on some researching and personal testimonies from friends, that by removing refined sugars and bad carbs from my diet that I would begin to feel better physically and mentally. My long term hope is that my next set of labs … Continue reading Living Water