The Power in Today

As women, many of us are usually pretty good at sharing stories and elaborating about the great deals we got at the store, those perfect shoes, that great outfit, an amazing end table we picked up for $10 and refurbished, or even describing a cup of coffee like it was laced in gold . . … Continue reading The Power in Today

He Still Chose the Cross

He knew . . . I've heard that hundreds of times since surrendering my life to the Lord, but then another layer of that onion is being peeled away - more refining begins to take place and more scales are removed from those foggy eyes. In these moments and in recent days He seems to … Continue reading He Still Chose the Cross

A Changed Life

The Beatitudes are an important part of my life and faith journey. As a child, if I am not mistaken, the first summer after we moved to Pensacola after my parents divorced, I went to VBS that was across the street from our house. We were offered the prize of a beautiful cross-stitched laminated bookmark … Continue reading A Changed Life

The Value of One

During the year 2019 I think I learned the meaning behind being intentional better than any other word. I struggled and still struggle with purpose, guilt, and shame . . . But God . . . He is so gracious and patient with us, isn't He?! God honed in on teaching me to be intentional … Continue reading The Value of One

A New Year

I’ve been in a unique place the last six months - purging my space and my body. Through this journey I've come to realize influence is far different than relationships. That has been a painful part of the purging journey and one I still am working through. Nonetheless release is a good thing and working … Continue reading A New Year

It’s Not Worth It

It is day two of the new year and the Lord is already teaching me valuable lessons. The kids and I made a surprise trip to Virginia to visit my daughter and her family. I am so thankful for her husband who helped me work out the details. The visit was wonderful but far too … Continue reading It’s Not Worth It

Even More

On December 2 I found my first painted rock. The timing - Divine. The message - God inspired. The outcome - Hope. The scriptures tell us we will all have trials. Jesus had trials - we will have trials. We will have heartache. We will have setbacks. We will face discouragement and feelings of despair. … Continue reading Even More

An Ungrateful Heart

Yesterday a dear friend text me and said, “read Psalm 100 today”. Then on the Olive fb page it was posted. And then this morning I "accidentally" opened my Bible to it. I have found several pennies over the last few days but the Lord hadn’t given me a verse to correspond with them but … Continue reading An Ungrateful Heart

The Shadow of My Right Arm

I experienced something new this morning. I have been listening to Ray Vander Laan on Right Now media while working on a cabinet this morning. He said something I didn’t grasp the first time I heard it so I stopped what I was doing and have played it several more times. I’ve read the verse … Continue reading The Shadow of My Right Arm

Come –

Tomorrow I teach on clothing ourselves in Christ. While the scripture reference for the lesson is Romans 13:11-14, over the past week the Lord has continued to take me to Matthew 22:1-14. This morning He reminded me of the invitation He gave to me on October 19,1998. I accepted that invitation and today I extend … Continue reading Come –