It’s Independence Day

Millions of Americans celebrate our nations liberty today. I am included in that number. I love my country. My dad and grandfather taught me to honor the flag and all political positions, not only including but especially the President of the United States. . . . even if I didn't agree with them. Respect the … Continue reading It’s Independence Day

A Prayer of David

Fear. Is. A. Liar. Know what I love the most about scripture? When I feel guilty for pleading to God about something all I have to do is turn to the Psalms and see that even David, a man after God’s own heart, did the same thing. Satan wants to isolate us. He wants us … Continue reading A Prayer of David

An Intimate God

Our God is intimate, personal, and relatable. I'm so glad He is the one constant I have. Yesterday was a tough day. When you have a child on the Autism spectrum you never know when all the emotions (good stress or bad stress) will break lose in an emotional rage. Yesterday was that day. Weekends … Continue reading An Intimate God

My Body

I just got off the phone with a young lady who works for Stonecroft Ministries. We’ve never talked before but we were both able to share our life stories - the root - the foundation - the connection - is that Jesus is in the life changing business. My life has been blessed and encouraged … Continue reading My Body

Jesus, In An Addict

I started to not share this because I didn’t want someone to take me sharing it the wrong way, but if I don’t share it then I can’t show you what a changed life looks like. A recovering addict wrote me this note. She gave it to me today. I’ve read it at least a … Continue reading Jesus, In An Addict

In The Light

Bring it all to Him. Stop living under the shadows of expectations of others. I fight this so bad that it has taken counseling to undo all the years of garbage. Don’t be afraid to seek help. This isn’t a faith issue or lack of. Sometimes we have just been so impacted with life’s blows … Continue reading In The Light

The Shadow of The Almighty

Something happened to my heart last week. I was fighting with the Lord (which is so stupid, cause we all know He is gonna get His way one way or another) when I said, “Lord, I cant trust with my heart.” To which He responded, “Then do you trust me with it?” Ouch. In that … Continue reading The Shadow of The Almighty

Be Vulnerable

Everywhere I've turned for days I hear the Lord saying, "you have to do this. " Each time I respond. "But Lord, what if this happens again? It will break my heart. I can't." Then my pastor prayed yesterday, on his face on the altar, (and I'm paraphrasing and reporting what God whispered to my … Continue reading Be Vulnerable

The Many Face of Stacey

My weight has been an issue for many years. When I started my sobriety I was a size 16/18. My weight began increasing then. I’ve roller coastered with my weight up and down for these twenty years. I’ve done diets. I’ve done supplements. I’ve done more diets . . . and more supplements. I’ve even … Continue reading The Many Face of Stacey

Whiter Than Snow

The morning was insane - early wake up call with a sick dog and needing my husband's help to attach a frame to a sign left me rushed and my schedule broken. No coffee in bed and no quiet time. I was a mess. Then my perfect board - the one my husband was helping … Continue reading Whiter Than Snow