At Your Feet

A year ago today I walked through the church parking lot, looked up to the heavens and asked God if I really mattered. Was I making a difference in this thing called faith. I looked up and said, “Lord, I need to know I’m important to you. I need your touch.” Little did I know … Continue reading At Your Feet

I Choose A Life To The Fullest

I went in to my rheumatologist appointment yesterday believing, without a doubt, he would tell me all my numbers had decreased and I was reversing this thing called autoimmune that is trying to take over my body.   But that didn't happen.   My heart broke when he told me I was being unrealistic to … Continue reading I Choose A Life To The Fullest

You Say –

I am beyond grateful to have a few days to rest and be alone with the Lord. I’ve never had the opportunity like this to just go. This is my view this morning. I have never been a person that liked to alone. I would never go to a restaurant and eat alone so when … Continue reading You Say –

Looking Up!

The day began well before sunrise but look what the Lord gave us as the sun was rising this morning! These pictures just don’t do it justice. The picture of the side of the mountain - the trees are actually colored beautifully. Everyone walking in out and of the gas station had their eyes on … Continue reading Looking Up!

Thy Will –

When you ask God to show up and He does so in a completely crazy way. Do you know how much good our Lord has for us? When I walked in to Cracker Barrel they were playing country music. I begin eating and suddenly some words I recognize caught my attention - maybe you need … Continue reading Thy Will –

God Is In My Messiness

Have you ever made, what you thought, were the most perfect laid out plans? And then they turn out to be disastrous? Me too - But what I recently learned from a "well planned event" that turned in to - what I thought was a disaster -  is that God was there with me in … Continue reading God Is In My Messiness

My Turning Point

I intended to post this yesterday - On this day, October 19, 1998, I surrendered - not from alcohol, but from myself. It was the night I realized I really couldn't clean myself up or do good enough - It was the night I was at my most desperate - It was the night I … Continue reading My Turning Point

Deeply Rooted

I have become a fan of Oswald Chambers recently. I occasionally share some of the highlights from my morning read, and while they usually are “aha” moments for me, this mornings was a confirmation I needed to avoid guilt. I was supposed to be going out of town next Wednesday but some additional medical testing … Continue reading Deeply Rooted

On My Knees

None of us REALLY know what a brother or sister is truly carrying in their heart of hearts. This morning I encourage you to get outside the realm of the every day norm. Ask God how you can speak life in to someone. Whether it's a best friend or a stranger on the street. Even … Continue reading On My Knees