A Not So Quiet, Quiet Time

My quiet time has been a little different this morning. My mind is kind of cloudy from a a bad night of sleep and headache today so instead of trying to reread and dissect to grasp something and force a "quiet time", I turned to music as my not so quiet - quiet time. A … Continue reading A Not So Quiet, Quiet Time

A Little More . . .

We are all in a unique season. Usually we are all walking through various trials in our own day to day lives but this time - we are all walking through one trial together. It’s in the 40’s here in the panhandle of Florida this morning and my heart is thankful. Cool sunshiny mornings are … Continue reading A Little More . . .

Just Enough

Worry is dealing with tomorrow’s problems on today’s rations (manna). When David says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures” he isn’t referring to a field full of green alfalfa. The hillside where the shepherds led their sheep for grazing was nothing like the image I … Continue reading Just Enough


Jesus is a believer’s En-Gedi. He expects every believer to pass that En-Gedi on to others - to be a lifeline in desert times. Lord, use this valley to strengthen us so we shine and point the lost to you - that we would be an oasis - refreshing to a weary soul. Use this … Continue reading En-Gedi


A timely word on this quiet Saturday morning. Through this corona virus thing I’ve been consistently asking the Lord to be merciful - not just to believers but all. I’ve asked him to use this pandemic for good (which I have already begun to see) but as the numbers of infected have climbed I sorta … Continue reading Lovingkindness

Action Words

Our Pastor suggested we read Hebrews 11 yesterday for day two of our twenty days of prayer. You can go hear to watch today’s video, as well as the previous days. I wanted to start with the basics and get an actual definition of faith. Faith is having complete trust or confidence in someone or … Continue reading Action Words


A friend shared this penny story with me last year (it’s below the penny image in italics). Since then I’ve seen it many times. Today it is in my memory and seemed appropriate to share once again. The definition of trust is to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of. To trust is … Continue reading Trust


It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord works. Even though I sensed our church would be closing its doors Sunday I studied to prepare for our small group lesson. I had planned on teaching our small group lesson via zoom Sunday morning because even if the church would meet I knew with my … Continue reading Abide

An Old Memory

When I left the children’s home after graduating high school I went to live with my grandparents in Jackson MS. The cool thing was both sets of grandparents lived there so I got to spend time with both regularly. My Granny, my mom’s mom, gave me this one day. It had a beautiful emblem in … Continue reading An Old Memory

Praise Him

During the times we walk in the valley it is imperative we remember God’s faithfulness. We must remember all the ways He has guided and provided for us so we can stand while trudging through tough days. Several years ago, the morning my Granny passed away, I was driving frantically over the three mile bridge … Continue reading Praise Him