It’s time to live y’all.

This is one of my favorite songs but it didn’t affect me the way it does until a friend sent it to me one morning last week. It has been a hard emotional week and I was discouraged about my brain . . . long story . . . nonetheless . . . Lots of tears were shed over the last week . . . or two 🙄.

I get this text . . . “God gave me this song for you today. Clear as day, He told me to send it to you.”

And now I cry every time I hear it, which has been more frequently than before.

I’m praying for dry bones to healed and restored. I’m claiming victory over areas of struggle, and healing over my mind and heart . . . and I’m praying for my brain. I believe there is healing in these tears He is allowing to flow.

Self care is hard work. We have to be intentional. Take care of you. Focus on your relationship with the Lord (priority for me), and let Him do the rest.

What are you trusting God to bring back to life today?

“Counting it so as if it were so in order that it may be so.” Ted Traylor from Manley Beasley

Ezekiel 37:1-14