Today I share my story. And while my story involves other people, it’s not about them.

This story isn’t being told to point fingers or cast blame or make anyone look bad . . . it’s being shared to show how a children’s home offered me a life I hadn’t known and how the good Lord never wastes a hurt.

My story involves pain.

My story involves heartache.

My story involves forgiveness.

My story involves grace.

My story involves hope.

My story . . . is a story of redemption.

Before you watch this video and read SOME of the details I have not shared before, it is important to say this . . .

When a person has PTSD, telling them to “get over it” or “just leave the past behind you” or “you are a person of faith, just ‘have faith’ and stop digging it up”, only causes more pain, self destruction, and more mental anguish because when one has PTSD it’s like it is fresh every single day. For some it never goes away, for some medication offers relief, and for some intense therapy helps, but it’s never really gone for the eye can not unsee what the eye has seen.

I was asked a few months ago if the reason I feel so compelled to be involved with AHERO was because of my dad. At first I thought of the possibility, but after further contemplation and being able to spend time with these Veterans, I realize, while my dad and grandfather taught me to love my country and honor those who serve (as well as their families) it has nothing to do with them at all. It has to do with a group of men and women who have experienced trauma above and beyond what I can even fathom . . . It has to do with a group of men and women who accept, embrace, and empower others who have walked through hell and never pulled the trigger trying to escape the battle in their mind. It’s a group of men and women who continue to serve their country long after their time of service is over.

So why am I drawn to them and desire to serve alongside them in my own way? Simply put . . . they get me.

As you watch this video, my hope is you will know that I experienced life during the years I spent at Christian City Children’s Home. I’m thankful for those years of safety, as well as the relationships and friendships formed during those years.

Christian City, Stories of Impact

Organizations that continue to make an impact in my life are:

Olive Baptist Church

The Ministry Village of OBC – learn about the Most Excellent Way and the Charis House Ministry

The WarHorse Project

Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola

Veterans 48