I learned something valuable while editing some images the other night and just wanted to share it with you

While most of the images I edited are grainy, they are still beautiful . . .

My take away . . . just because we all have imperfections doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful.

The other take away . . . . in these edits, because the images were VERY dark, I had to increase the exposure level, had to lesson the shadows, and added some highlights.

My take away . . . , “Stepping out of the shadows of guilt and shame, other people’s expectations and into the Light brings out our own beauty and allows us to be who God created us to be.”

I didn’t have to add any color to the images. When I asked a photographer friend about that she said, “what you did was just enhance what was already there but couldn’t be seen.”

There are many reasons I enjoy photography, one is because of the visuals God shows me and uses to speak to me, but the other . . . when I am taking pictures nothing else in the world exists. I get to be me . . . no worries, no pain, no anger, just me . . . . and God.