There are many moments I enjoy capturing, but one of the top five would probably be capturing sun rays. Whether they are shining through the clouds to the earth, or pointing upwards to the heaves, or peering over the darkness of a dune, I want that moment caught.

I took this image at Ft Pickens right before or right after Christmas. When I was looking at it this morning, I heard the Lord whisper, reminding me, that there is Hope in the darkness.

Many of the images I take have purpose . . . a deeper meaning.

This one says so much . . .

The dunes represent a mountain that has to be climbed.

The valley in front represents a period of waiting – and that is so hard.

But the sun rays peering over the dunes . . . they whisper Hope is just beyond that “mountain top.”

I don’t know where you are in this image, but I need you to know there is Hope is in the darkness.

Cling to it.