I remember clearly, standing on my front porch, looking into the black skies and seeing one lone star. I was angry and hurting – crying out to God and began asking . . . yelling . . . at Him.

WHAT are YOU doing?

Have you forgotten me?

I can’t do this.

An hour later I received a text from a new contact and friend asking if I could help take pictures of a little boy turning 7 the next day.

He has brain cancer,” she said.

And the same God I was just yelling at over selfish, non life threatening reasons, I was now crying out to for this precious boy.

Deanna arranged for a City of Pensacola Police Officer and the City of Pensacola Fire Department to do a drive by to celebrate this young boy – this warrior.

Here’s what I know about Camden . . .

On June 4 Camden began having optic nerve swelling and had an emergency MRI. It was then they found a tumor located on his cerebellum.

He has Medulloblastoma.

Dad states they have gone through so many different procedures and surgeries it’s hard to count them all. During one hospital stay ALONE he went through seven procedures and surgeries.

Dad hopes he won’t need any more drastic surgeries but they are currently talking to the doctors about a tube for food.

At this time there has not been a Facebook page set up for Camden and his family for support but dad does have an Instagram he updates. The Walking Warrior

I asked about the T-shirt design and quote – here’s what dad said . . . The “crest” on our shirts was a design that he described that he liked. From there I researched many various quotes for bravery and warriors. We had a handful of quotes he liked but this one he LOVED and from there this is what we chose.

What chokes me up personally . . . when asking about a fundraiser page dad states, “Camden wants to give back to many children.” Even while walking through the fight for his life, this precious boy is more concerned for others than himself.

Lord forgive me for being so selfish.

Camden has been going through some heavy rounds of Chemotherapy. I saw on his dad’s Instagram page he is back in the hospital and struggling with missing out in celebrating the meaning of Christmas. I have wanted to write this posts for over six weeks, but I sensed I was to wait. Once I saw dad’s post I knew it was time . . .

I believe the pictures alone will show how much Camden is loved so I won’t bore you with a lot more words. I do want to thank the first responders for showing up and showing up big for Camden. You are heroes also. Thank you for putting your life on the line for our community every day.

The surprise . . .

“Is this for real?” Yes sweet Camden – it’s for real. And just for you.

One thing I saw over and over ,which tugs on my heart this moment, just as much today as it did his celebration day, the trust this sweet boy has in his dad and the gentleness of a father’s touch –

Thank you, Deanna, for allowing me to witness this raw love. And thank you, Andrew, for allowing me to share Camden’s story. You put on a strong face for your amazing boy . . . I believe this celebration was as much for you as it was for Camden. There are still good people in this world to love, pray, and encourage you through . . . to lift your arms when you are too weary . . . to help see you through this journey.

Rise Up, Andra Day

“ Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” — Matthew 11:28