It has been a rough 24 hours. Meds offered no relief so at 2 am I applied liberally one of my favorite oils as gently as I could to his neck, shoulders, and head. He slept for four hours straight for the first time since Wednesday. When he woke up he said, “your oils must have worked!”

Hmmmm – he’s still a doubter after all these years.

Today, with assistance, he stood in the grass for five minutes of grounding and sat on the porch for a few minutes to get fresh air.

Twenty-twenty has been a rough year for everyone, but through it all we still have so much to be thankful for.

As I looked around our yard I saw a feather floating in the pond and a beautiful reflection of the asparagus fern flourishing. It reminded me of the Lord’s protective hand (Psalm 91:4) and that everything I do is a reflection of Him.

Then I saw my favorite white flowers that are the filling in the flower bed and spreading through my yellow bench a friend gave me. It reminded me of new growth and innocence and how much I am loved and thought of by others.

And then there’s the ferns thriving that we used in our wedding. They have withstood many storms these seventeen years . . . . and so have we.

Kaitlyn made a caramel pie today. Tomorrow, the kids and I will prepare our Thanksgiving meal. This was the first Thanksgiving in twenty-three years I didn’t spend with my mom and sister’s family. While I try hard to be thankful and find the good in all things, one thing I learned more than anything this season . . . this year . . . is that Thanksgiving never was intended to be celebrated just one day a year, but to be lived out day by day as a lifestyle.