A friend shared this song on her fb page, I was intrigued so listened and was pleasantly surprised how her words penetrated my heart and brought comfort to my soul. Maybe you are in a place of suffering, or doubting, or maybe you just need to be encouraged through a season of drought, maybe this song will comfort you – The Promise.

These words fell on my ears as I needed it most. Today has been a day where the Lord just massaged my heart muscle and showed me love through those around me.

Our family is embarking on a new season, a season of change, of growth, of deeper trust – and while the details aren’t important, what is important are the lessons He is teaching me. The most humbling – lump in the throat when you swallow – lesson that I’ve learned this week is that one is never beyond being the recipient of those being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Today started with a penny in the pew. I wasn’t even supposed to be in the service today. I had somewhere to be at 11:45 but that time was changed to noon, which would allow me to worship with other believers and then sneak out to my appointment.

But there it was . . . waiting for me to pick it up..

A reminder for me to trust Him . . . to trust His promises.

Then I went to pick up my first blessing. A colleague and friend contacted me just weeks ago. She knew what our days/weeks were going to be like coming up and wanted to give our name to an organization filling boxes for Thanksgiving dinners.

Pride was the first lump I swallowed today.

From there I stopped by my former Sunday school teacher’s house, my mentor and my friend, to pick up the second blessing – baked spaghetti casserole. One of my husband’s favorites. On top, this card with powerful insight and reflection of one of my personal favorite sermons, The Beatitudes. My teacher and my friend knows me – this card will be treasured forever.

Seeing how loved we are was the second lump I swallowed today . . . missing them and their amazing hugs – it’s hard to be so close to people you love and respect and not be able to embrace them.

And then just minutes ago, another class member came by to bring us frozen meals for the next few weeks.

The third lump in the throat – realizing that Jesus uses each of us, in every day life situations, to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to touch lives in every spectrum and phase of life . . . to show kindness and love. To be an encouragement and offer hope.

Our Thanksgiving will be very different this year, but my gratitude doesn’t lesson, if anything it just grew deeper.