There are people in our lives that drain us.

Suck the life right out of us.

And pull us down.

We all have them in our life, and even with healthy boundaries in place they can be overwhelming to deal with.

This morning I struggled with obedience in my giving. My faith in the One who is faithful and always provides teetered.

We have some tough days ahead.

I’ve questioned and pleaded with the Lord to just “fix this” but He hasn’t.

Instead He has proven Himself faithful . . . again.

Just like there are people that bring us down there are people in our lives who lift us up.

Encourage us.

Build us up.

And intercede for us.

Be that kind of person.

This morning I received a text from a friend in my connect group. She’s traveling with her husband right now and texts me when she finds pennies (y’all know how much I love to find pennies.)

Here’s this mornings text:

She had no idea the struggles in my mind this morning.

But God knew.

Then I received this image with a text from my “Aaron”.

She leaves this penny in her key plate to remind her to pray for us.

It was in the middle of me struggling I received the image.

In a world so full of hate and negativity – be the good.

Lift one another up.

Be an encourager.

Be the good.