As an animal lover I can’t tell you what it meant to see a group of people come together yesterday to save a pelican entangled in fishing line –

My experience is my perspective and what it looked like from the Navarre Fishing Pier.

I’m thankful for good people still in this world.

I was pretty far off so pics aren’t great. The first few you can see the lines and how he is about to fly through them – then others he has the lines in his wings –

Friday night I witnessed one of the most heartbreaking yet beautiful things –

This pelican flew through a fisherman’s line at the pier.

The fisherman ended up cutting the line but the pelican was entangled. Every time he tried to fly he would crash back into the water face first but not intentional.

He was going to drown.

I called the fishing pier line and was told if he is in the water they can’t do anything. The pelican kept trying to fly – and getting closer to people but kept crashing.

A couple of us from the pier started shouting at people in the water – once they realized what was happening they moved into action. These guys are heroes. I’m so thankful I got to witness this beautiful moment where strangers came together to save the pelican. I wish the pictures were clearer but they were soooo far away I am lucky I got these –

(some of the captions cover the images – click on the image to see the full picture.)

I am so thankful I got to experience this beautiful moment. A moment that challenges me and encourages me to be a life line for other women – for women who are struggling or who have lost their voice – to encourage them – speak up for them when they feel like they are drowning in the sorrows all around them – to speak the gospel truth over them – and to pray for them.

Make a difference in someone’s life today – you may just be the lifeline they need to point them to Jesus.