I took some of these on the 13th and 14th before Sally was a hurricane. While on the pier on the 14th I received a text Sally was a hurricane. Christopher and I had just said the winds were increasing when I received that text. I wanted to get out there today, and IF I decide to get out later this afternoon will post those pictures here as well.

These are in no particular order but they are taken from various points of view.

Some were taken under the pier, some on top of the pier, and some from different sides and different angles of the pier.

Here’s what I have taken away from these images – depending how I am looking at the storms determines the way I perceive the severity of the storm.

When looking at the storm waves in a confined area looking directly in to the waves (under the pier) the waves were raging – making them look even bigger than they really were. Making it impossible to see anything except the storm.

When I went on the pier, It gave me the opportunity to see the waves forming from above, as well as from behind allowing me to see them from a new perspective. I was given a viewpoint I never could have expected. From on top of the pier looking directly down on top of the waves I saw beautiful images that looked like glass, and as the waves moved past me a mist that looked heavenly.

When I look at the storm waves from the side views of the pier – from the outside looking inward – I saw the vast ocean – the big scheme of things – and while the ocean and currents were strong – they weren’t nearly as catastrophic as it was under the pier – in directly line of fire of the raging storm.

Here’s my take away – no one can ever truly understand EXACTLY what you are experiencing while IN the storm – while the waves and currents are coming right at you, fierce and powerful . . . and one swift current can sweep your feet right out from under you. But one can empathize and walk with you through the storm because they’ve walked similar paths.

I also saw that the raging storm was worse when looking at it in a confined closed in space. Things often seem worse when walking through the storm, which is why we can’t allow the storm to be our focal point. We can’t lose sight of the One who is allowing the storm to come to pass and what His greater purpose will be.

Looking at the storm waves from outside the perimeters of the pier – I saw how vast the ocean is with only one small area around and under the pier taking such strong impact from the waves. I realized just because I’m walking through a storm doesn’t mean I have to let it impact my entire life or consume every fiber of my being. Even though the current and waves are strong doesn’t mean I don’t keep putting one foot in front of the other – and it’s okay if my steps might be a little a little slower – and it’s also okay to rest for a season alone the way – I just have to keep moving forward.

And finally, looking at the storm waves from on top of the pier – above the waves and after the waves had passed – I saw reflections of glass that shined so beautifully. The raging ocean – the storm – was evident all around – but watching the waves form from behind and from above . . . all I could see was a beautiful reflection of glass and white mist. I was in awe of how beautiful something so destructive could be. And I remembered some of the storms He has allowed me to walk through and I remembered the end result of what those storms brought forth. I saw how the Lord has carried me through those storms and that at the time they looked bigger than I could bear, and they shook me to the core . . . and they almost swept my feet out from under me . . . yet I saw a reflection of Christ from where He was the actual one walking with me and next to me . . . carrying me and it was Him that was going to make sure I came through that storm looking more and more like Him.

I don’t know what storm you are walking through today – maybe it’s a physical real storm with high winds and raging waters like we are on the gulf coast, or maybe it’s one that is personal and ripping you to the core – let Him walk with you. Let Him carry you. And let Him be your reflection through the storm.

I took in all my feeders and poles last night preparing for a big storm. The birds were looking everywhere for the feeders this morning so since Sally is now forecasted to be a tropical storm at landfall I brought out a couple feeders. Within fifteen minutes they are full of visitors.

Psalm 107:23-30 (The Lord Delivers Men from Manifold Troubles)
Those who go down to the sea in ships,
Who do business on great waters; They have seen the works of the Lord, And His wonders in the deep. For He spoke and raised up a stormy wind, Which lifted up the waves of the sea.
They rose up to the heavens, they went down to the depths; Their soul melted away in their misery. They reeled and staggered like a drunken man, And were at their wits’ end.
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
And He brought them out of their distresses.
He caused the storm to be still, So that the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad because they were quiet,
So He guided them to their desired haven.

Do you see the smile?