One thing I learned during the quarantine and isolating through Covid is the church is much more than the building. I knew it before – but I believed it during the height of the pandemic.

Another thing I also learned is I NEEEEED the connection with my faith family.

I need to worship the Lord with them.

I need to laugh with them.

I need to cry with them.

I need their accountability.

And I need to grow with them.

Chris and I took the kids to Buccees this afternoon to get them out of the house. On the way home we took a detour to see the church – the building.

And my heart hurts.

I know more than ever the building is nothing without the people but I also know lives are changed within these walls.

Hearts are encouraged in the confines of these walls.

Marriages are healed within these walls.

Men and women are called into ministry within these walls.

Men and women get clean in these walls.

Friendships are made within these walls.

And while I totally get she is just a building made of brick and mortar, she is my church that is made of brick and mortar – but held together by the people with love.