We had an early morning appointment and afterwards went for a drive.

I needed a change of scenery.

A friend shared of a spot close to the Olive Baptist Warrington Campus that was good for taking pictures so I decided to drive that way and see where it took me.

Stopped and took a couple pictures of the church and around the church while my son took pictures too.

For some reason lately I’ve been drawn towards steps, door ways, and paths . . .

While we were heading to the park area we roaring of the all familiar sound. . . . the sound of freedom.

It was the Blue Angels practicing.

Oh I was so excited!

We stopped at a boat ramp and oohed and awed like little kids. A few times they flew close enough for some decent shots but most of the time they were pretty high. In some photos the sky is bright blue and others it’s hazy and foggy looking.

It’s incredible how things can be so clear in one direction and yet so uncertain in others, isn’t it?

I also got to take a few other pictures while we drove around. I saw more patio tables and chairs in the front yards than any other neighbored I’ve driven through. It looked like an actual community where neighbors know one another and sit and talk for hours watching the sun set instead of just a place to park your car at night.

I’ll be going back to take pictures when I can walk the sidewalk and sit on a bench to watch the sunset.

Today I am thankful for a change of scenery.