This was taken out my glass door.

I was about to walk right out it and something caught my attention.

She was hiding behind the plant, enjoying the fresh handful of bird seeds I had put out.

She’s barely noticeable at first – then she repositioned to get more . . .

Do you see her?

How about now?

When I first saw her I was elated that FINALLY someone had found the feeder I place in the bed. Then I saw a comparison I wasn’t prepared for –

This front flower bed is thriving. The big beautiful bougainvillea has grown by leaps and bounds, the Lillie’s have gotten so thick and multiplied more this year than years past, and the Wandering Jew has been trimmed several times this year already but still is overshadowing the sidewalk.

From the naked eye or passerby everything looks beautiful – they just see a full flower bed.

But what one doesn’t see until they sit here is the weeds need to be pulled, the Wandering Jew is dying underneath because it’s so compact, the lillies are so thick they are choking out the other plants and they aren’t blooming anymore – all they do is exist.

And look the part.

And that’s exactly what Satan wants for us.

He’s sneaky you know.

And you don’t always see him until he shifts a little more . . . .

He wants you to think no one else can do what you do or that you can’t not say yes because then you let someone down . . . He wants you to search for approval in the eyes of man . . . so you take on more – expecting more out of yourself than others even expect and even worse – expecting more out of yourself than the Lord ever asked you to take on.

He’s sneaky like that.

He wants us to look the part. Be busy and involved, but never blossoming . . never flourishing.

There’s a saying I was taught years ago, “if the devil can’t get you bad he will get you busy.”

And another one I recently learned . . .

BU-S-Y . . .





One thing I’ve learned in recent weeks and months is I was expecting more out of myself than the Lord ever expected out of me. I was busy looking for approval in the eyes of others. A recent fb sabbatical did wonders in revealing that to me.

My friend, it’s okay to rest. It’s okay to take a step back. It’s okay to evaluate. It’s okay to cut back. And sometimes – while I fully realize we are to put God first, others second, and ourselves third . . . there is a time to allow yourself to rest and heal – putting your own needs above others.

And it’s okay for weeds to grow in your flower garden . . . just don’t let them grow in your heart.

“If you live for man’s approval you will die by man’s rejection.”

Louie Giglio, Goliath Must Fall

Be glorified, Lord. Amen.