Our zinnias got a fungus in our front flower bed.

It started with just one, and like most unseen dangers it began to creep from one leaf to another leaf, and another, then a new stem . . . And within weeks all the stems were brown and leaves once strong and beautiful were wilted and ugly, filled with holes.

And yet they continued to bloom.

We can play the part and look perfectly fine but be rotting from the inside y’all.

As much as it pained me, I completely dug up my flower bed. The zinnias looked horrible and were no longer enjoyable because of the fungus robbing them of their beauty.

They had to be uprooted.

Because we had so many butterflies enjoying the zinnias, my husband picked me up some butterfly plants from Lowe’s to fill the bed with.

Some were from the dollar clearance shelves so they were given lots of water through a mist sprinkler.

They were struggling to survive the heat and drought.

They needed daily tending to.

We must tend to our souls more than we tend to the externalities of life – giving our souls food and water through the Word if we are going to survive seasons of hardship and drought.

After a few weeks my husband mentioned it looked like the zinnias were coming back up!

I couldn’t believe it.

And the Lord whispers, “sometimes you have to be uprooted to get to the bottom of self.”


What a visual He gave me and continues each day as the zinnia stems and leaves are now beginning to grow even more.

For months I prayed the Lord would sift me . . . asking Him to remove anything from me that wasn’t of Him.

And He’s uprooting me y’all.

And even though it’s painful, and even though there is tremendous uncertainty, and even thought it’s discouraging, and even fearful at times, I know beauty will follow and He will be gloried.

Whatever you are facing today, He isn’t surprised. He has allowed it in this season for you to blossom.

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. John 15:2

Lord, as painful and even fearful as it is, I trust you more than I trust myself – uproot me. Amen.