Today I am thankful for those who have interceded on my behalf when all I could do was say, “Lord, you know me.”

Last night was the first night I’ve slept through since the fall ten days ago. While my head and knees are still throbbing I forced myself outside to sit for the first time to take in the earths energy and get grounded.

My flower bed of zinnias look horrific and will have to be cut all the way down or maybe pulled up once I fully recover. The water fountains were filthy and almost bare of water, and weeds are everywhere – but amongst the dying are also new blooms and new life.

The monkey grass started rustling underneath me and somehow my eyes caught his eyes . . . a baby lizard – just a few inches long.

The sunflowers I’ve been waiting on to bloom for months are finally starting to blossom.

And the young male cardinal that was covered in brown and red feathers with a predominantly brown beak a little over a week ago is now mostly red with a glorious coral/orange beak.

And there’s new growth on my little evergreen tree.

And amongst all the weeds are some wild flowers blooming that were planted a few months back, as well as other plants and flowers that have bloomed.

Somewhere – somehow – someone you know is struggling with life today.

Be the sunshine and encouragement in their today.