For about six weeks I have struggled – it’s like there’s a disconnect between me and the Lord.

Have you ever been there?

The silence leaves you questioning . . . .

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Are you hearing my prayers?”

“Are you still there?”

“I FEEL so blah.”

“How can I go in there and teach when I can’t even HEAR from you right now?”

“What. Is. Going. On?!”

I know I’m not the only one that has ever walked through a season like this but when one is walking through the desert it sure feels lonely.

Each week I teach I remind Him I can’t do this on my own. I remind Him how I struggle with comprehension and connecting the pieces (as if He could forget) – and every week He shows Himself faithful – even in the day to day silence.

I was flipping the pages of a Bible I use occasionally and this picture caught my attention. What assurance of His love and faithfulness.

If you are struggling through a time of silence right now keep doing what He has called you to do.

Your quiet times might look different than you prefer but that’s okay.

Be still in Him. Even if you think He isn’t there He is.

He’s gonna do what He says He’s gonna do – not for your benefit or praise – but for His glory and to bring Him honor.

As painful as it is, this is just another part of the pruning process that inevitably makes us look a little more like Him.