I took these today while I was supposed to be walking.

I like to take multiple pictures from different angles and distances for one reason – perspective.

I used the same edit feature to brighten these pictures up yet they all have a slightly different look and even drastic look depending which one you look at.

The only difference – my position.

And that’s how life is.

You and I could be standing side by side and looking at the exact same image or listening to the exact same speaker and see or hear something completely different because of our lifestyle and our past experiences.

We could even see the complete opposites of each other.

What one sees as good another sees as bad.

And you know what – in that moment – it’s okay.

We all process and work through things differently. It might take me longer to trudge through the muck and mire than it does you.

And that’s okay.

We all have a story to tell. My path and my story won’t look like yours and yours won’t look like mine.

Be encouraging of the person working their way to wellness. Even if their path looks different than yours.