You would think with all the spare time I have on my hands my house would be in order and immaculate.

But it is the exact opposite.

The truth is I spend much more time sprawled out on my front porch reading, taking pictures, talking with the Lord, and just being still; therefore nothing is really getting accomplished. At least not the way I would like. But I can’t seem to pull myself away . . .

I am going to have to invest in an inexpensive iron bistro set so I will have a place to sit and not sprawl out on the ground and kill my back leaning over.

But while sitting sprawled out I noticed my first dragonfly – it is a horrible picture but he is just so beautifully perched on the gladiola about to bloom that I had to try and get a picture. I am pretty far away so the zoom was extended full depth – I’m sure he will be back before I leave my post this morning and I will try for better images.

I shared several weeks ago about the spiritual meaning behind the number nineteen.

The Lord has continued to hone in on that number.

Last week the Lord prompted me to start reading all the 19th verses in scripture. I knew IF He was prompting me THEN there was a reason.

And there has been.

It doesn’t matter where you start, but I want to challenge you as you are reading God’s Word every day to pause and look at the 19th verse of every chapter(s) you are reading in. If you are like me and don’t know a lot of history to understand what events are occurring before or after the 19th verse you are reading, then don’t be afraid to use a reputable commentary or study Bible. I have been amazed at what the Lord has shown me, how He has encouraged me, and just how relevant those verses are to today.

I am praying for you.