Someone I have never met just dropped off four masks and left them on my front porch.

Just yesterday she heard through a friend of the need and brought them by today. I offered to pick them up, even offered to pay for them . . . but she insisted there was no charge and wanted to drop them off.

Ministry appears in various acts of service. What ministry looks like to me is going to be different to others. For me, praying for others, encouraging them, and preparing meals for families is how the Lord uses me to touch lives. But to this person . . . sewing is therapy for her and she says she is able to use it to bless others.

How encouraging to my soul.

During this pandemic we are able to use our gifts and talents to touch others . . . even while social distancing.

So let me encourage you . . . be an encouragement to someone today.

Yes the blue in my hair is fading and I desperately need a haircut. But I just love that my mask has birds on it . . . AND . . . it’s blue.
She made four but my son claimed his and won’t let me share his picture.