A timely word on this quiet Saturday morning.

Through this corona virus thing I’ve been consistently asking the Lord to be merciful – not just to believers but all. I’ve asked him to use this pandemic for good (which I have already begun to see) but as the numbers of infected have climbed I sorta felt defeated, discouraged, and even doubtful my prayers were being heard.

I started my quiet time off this morning with Oswald Chambers as I usually do, then began reading Lamentations.

And God – the giver and taker of life refreshed my soul and gave me rest.

In chapter 3, verses 19 – 27 (even more than that but focusing on these) we see Jeremiah coming out of a pit of despair and depression.

He had lost hope – he was depressed and his soul was in a dark place.

Jeremiah had to remember the pain and suffering to reach his bottom.

He had to hit the bottom of self.

His soul had to sink in order to be rebuilt on the right foundation – a foundation built on trusting God and remembering the character . . . the traits . . . of God.

In Jeremiah’s remembering he recognizes the people of Judah were beaten down and facing judgment. But they weren’t completely destroyed and because of that Jeremiah knew there was still hope in restoration.

Jeremiah knew as long as their was breath there was hope.

How did he know this? Because he knew God keeps His promises.

And Jeremiah was able to see the grace, mercy, and compassion of God.

God’s compassion still shows even in correction y’all.

Even in the ugly of the world, each day we rise we can see mercy and goodness – His faithfulness from the previous days –

We must remember God’s faithfulness- especially in tragedy.

Remember His goodness.

And remember His mercies . . . His lovingkindness.

The word lovingkindness is used approximately 250 times in the Old Testament. It refers to God’s gracious love. The word lovingkindness encompasses love, grace, mercy, goodness, truth, forgiveness, compassion, and faithfulness.

Sounds like the characteristics of God to me.

One of the commentaries I read this morning on these verses said this, “as bleak as the situation of judgment had become, God’s covenant lovingkindness was always present and His incredible faithfulness always endured so that Judah would not be destroyed forever.”

It was true then and it remains truth today. “As bleak as the situation has become, God’s lovingkindness is always present and His faithfulness endures forever.”

Because of the Lord’s faithful love we do not perish, for his mercies never end. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness! I say, “The Lord is my portion, therefore I will put my hope in Him.” Lamentations 3:22-24