When I left the children’s home after graduating high school I went to live with my grandparents in Jackson MS.

The cool thing was both sets of grandparents lived there so I got to spend time with both regularly.

My Granny, my mom’s mom, gave me this one day. It had a beautiful emblem in gold attached to the front where the circle is but it fell off. She received this from a Billy Graham crusade. It is one of the few things – in fact I think it is the only thing – that I have carried with me through all my stupidity. I don’t even know how I still have it, but I treasure it. As I scrolled through the verses a few stood out and I sensed I should share.

I am going to be careful with my words here but I am also going to be frank.

The fact is every person will die.

The fact is from the moment we are born we are one breath closer to our last breath.

The fact is every person will stand in judgment – not based on things you’ve done but in Who we know.

The fact is if there has never been a time you’ve surrendered your life to Jesus to make Him Lord then you will be cast into the abyss – eternal hell and separation.

I don’t want anyone – not even my enemy – to face hell as their eternal destination.

If you were to breathe your last breath this moment, can you say for 100% certainty you would spend it in eternity with Jesus?

If the answer to that is anything other than yes then I need you to know Jesus loves you.

God sent His only Son to die for your sins and the sins of the world.

You can’t earn His love.

And you can’t buy your way in either.

Jesus gave His life for yours freely.

If you are ready to experience the peace and love of a loving Father in Heaven then please contact me. I’d love to share more with you. Or reach out to someone in your own circle that you have a relationship with and ask them to help you. Don’t miss eternity with Jesus by one breath –

John 3:16, For God so loved the world He gave His only son – for you. ❤️