During the times we walk in the valley it is imperative we remember God’s faithfulness.

We must remember all the ways He has guided and provided for us so we can stand while trudging through tough days.

Several years ago, the morning my Granny passed away, I was driving frantically over the three mile bridge to get to the hospital. God used the sunrise that morning to show me there will be tough days in the Christian life. As the sun rose that morning over the ocean sky line He said, “Praise me, Stacey.”

I knew then she had already taken her last breath. Ever since then He has used sunrises and sunsets as a reminder to praise Him.

We are facing some challenges that many of us have not known in our lifetime.

Even in our uncertainty we need to stand in the Light and praise Him.

From the rising to the setting of the sun. I. Will. Praise. Him. Psalm 113:3