I just love my Lord.

I know I can always count on Him.

This morning I was reading my Oswald Chambers (I am on my second year of reading it through) when in the middle of reading He showed me a few actions in the prepositional phrases of those who had walked in faith before me.

That triggered a scripture verse that I need to look up, but in my page flipping I stopped.

The phrase, “You feel you have taken the wrong turn” jumps off the page.

I marked the spot to return to after I finished my prepositional phrase searches so I could later find the link.

God is in the dirty business y’all. He ain’t afraid to get dirty and He ain’t afraid to dig us up out of the muck and mire our sin and the consequences of our sin put us in.

If you don’t have a code reader here’s the link for you to listen and be encouraged this morning.


If you don’t know the Gardner, I would love to introduce you to Him.