I woke early again this morning, and I am ashamed to admit my first thoughts were on the virus. I have to counter my worry with prayer.

A lot.

In my praying I admitted, “Lord, I am a worrier. I am so sorry. Forgive me. I keep trying to give this over to you.” In the silence and stillness I heard, “You are a worrier, but in Me you are a warrior.”

And all was well for those moments.

As I continued praying for our nations, and the people of other nations He reminded me of a recent study I did with the Charis House ladies  on the destruction of Sodom. Actually, the study was on Lot’s wife, but before I could learn all He wanted to show me about her He had to teach me about Lot. But before He could teach me about Lot He had to teach me some things about Abraham. And while all that He showed me would make far too long of a post anyone would read, the Lord specifically reminded me of Abraham and how he pleaded with the Lord before the destruction of Sodom. I sensed I was to share these findings with you this morning.

The scripture reference is Genesis 18 but the key verses for today’s post covers verses 23-30. In these verses we find Abraham pleading with the Lord on behalf of those in Sodom. In these verses we see that Abraham knew how to pray effectively.

Here’s what we can learn from Abraham’s prayer:

  • We must approach the Lord (vs 23)
  • We must boldly pray before the Lord (vs 22-23, 27)
  • We must draw near the Lord in order to know His heart. Abraham continued to petition the Lord on behalf to the people of Sodom, asking if He would save the righteous, and each time lowering the count. Why didn’t Abraham go lower than ten? Not one time did Abraham ask why . . . because he knew the Lord’s heart. 
  • We must know what Scripture says and know how to use it. Jesus quoted scripture to battle satan, we must do the same (Matthew 4:1-11).
  • We must not pray selfish prayers. Abraham’s prayers weren’t just for his family, but his heart was mourning for all of Sodom.
  • We must pray specifics – while it is imperative we pray according to God’s will, Abraham not only is going boldly before the throne but he was being specific in his pleading.
  • Abraham showed humility before the Lord (vs 30).
  • And Abraham was persistent.

I believe the Lord is in everything . . . including numbers. Goodness we have an entire book in the Bible called Numbers. I recently looked up the meaning of the number 19 (Covid-19). I was taken back by what I learned. The number 19 represents a symbol of faith. It also means that something is going to end in order for something new to begin – judgment. 

Which made me want to pray more like Abraham – to go boldly before the Lord, to pray persistently, to pray specifics regarding this virus, to pray scripture over our minds, our bodies, our physicians, nurses, lab techs, the housekeepers in the hospitals  . . .  to pray for those outside our family and direct contact – to pray for all people in all nations, but most important . . . to pray for the salvation of those that don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

So where ever you are in this covid-19 thing, whether you are taking it to the extreme or not taking it seriously at all, the one thing we should all be doing is praying for those who don’t know the Lord.

Lord I am so thankful that you get me. You know my comings and goings. You know my worries and fears and I never have to hide them from you. You are the One I can be completely real with and you never shame me. Thank you for that. Thank you going before us this day. Thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for our caregivers, our doctors, our nurses, our aids, and the housekeepers and maintenance that keep our hospitals running. Lord we need you right now. We need your mercy. We need your grace. We don’t deserve it, but we ask for it. I ask for healing of those sick. I pray for strengthened lungs as well as wisdom on treatment. I pray for our church leaders having to make tough decisions. I pray for the financial needs of our churches and the staffs. I pray for those who have no work that you would meet their needs. But Lord, above all, I pray you are glorified in this tragedy. Save those who are lost. Bring Genesis 50:20 to life for where their is pain and suffering there is also healing. We love you, Jesus. Amen.