As a person with several autoimmune diseases and knowing my husband is a diabetic with high blood pressure, I have struggled with worrying over the Corona virus knowing I have a 15 and 14 year old, both with special needs, that depend on their parents 100%. It is easy to let the “what if’s” run rampant in our minds . . . and that’s exactly what the enemy is counting on.

In my worry I opened my copy of scripture this afternoon. I don’t want the enemy to have any more power over me than I’ve already given me. The Lord took me to Psalm 117 . . .

PRAISE THE LORD, all nations! GLORIFY Him, all people! For His faithful love to us is great; the Lord’s faithfulness endured forever! Hallelujah!

Oh sweet Jesus – you are so good to me. Then He took me to Psalm 118. Here is what He showed me:

First, “give thanks” is mentioned five times in these verses. If we are thankful for our present circumstances we can’t complain.

Second, “faithful love endures forever” is also written five times in these verses. He is the only One that truly knows how to love unconditionally. He has no barriers.

Oh sweet Jesus –

Anyone want to know what the Biblical representation of the number 5 is?


I have goosebumps.

Okay but there’s more. Then my eyes were drawn to Psalm 118 – In this text this is who He shows me He is . . .

He is:


For me!

My helper!

My victor!

My refuge!

My strength!

My salvation!

My provider!

If I truly believe He is all these things then why am I am worrying? If I truly believe He set the moon and stars and knows the number of hairs on my head, then why am I worried?

If you are struggling like I was, I want to encourage you to have a plan (we should have one anyway), use common sense and wash your hands, avoid sick people, and if you are sick – stay home.

Father in Heaven I pray for our nation, I pray for our leaders . . . heal those who are sick and keep well those that have been subjected to the virus. Lord I pray through this we will lose the great divide in our nation. I pray you will use this to bring us all together. Remove hatred and bitterness from our nation Lord. Lord I pray you will be glorified through this mess. I don’t understand it, and I don’t have to. All I need to know if you numbered my breaths, just as you did each of us. I know you see me. I know you know our circumstances. I know who You are – and I will trust you through this. Forgive me for doubting and worrying. Amen.