My dad always told me it was up to me to break the cycle of addiction.

And I’ve done that.

Now I couldn’t do it on my own but I can honestly say the Lord has been my strength through twenty one plus years of sobriety.

During my sobriety I have learned various lessons about generational curses. I’ve been praying they would be broken and that my children and grandchildren will never have to deal with an addiction in their lifetime.

My kids know my past, and I try to teach them by my words and actions how to love Jesus, seek Him, and serve others, but recently I sensed I needed to do more.

I needed to put some specific tools in my son’s toolbox.

So we went to a Most Excellent Way meeting.

And when the Lord says it’s time, my daughter will receive these same tools.

The topic – merciful. “I ask forgiveness from all those I hurt or dealt with unfairly. I am able to forgive those who have hurt me.”

I will never forget the first time I heard that lesson. My, my, my . . . God has been faithful to me.

He has given me the tools to fight addiction that runs through my family. He began breaking those curses when I surrendered my life to Him and He made me new. He has continued to change me . . . my attitude, my behavior . . . everything. He continues to add the tools I need as I grow in Him . . . the thing is . . . it’s up to me to open the tool box and use them. I will always have a choice – and so do you.

Choose to open the box . . .

Thank you, Lord for teaching me about love and acceptance . . . about repentance and forgiveness of sins . . . about grace and mercy . . . about old things and new things. Use my children to build your kingdom. Amen.