For several weeks the Lord continues to speak two words into my soul, “Rise Up”.

The first time that phrase jumped off the pages of scripture was when I was reading an Oswald Chambers devotional.

The verse reference was John 14:31.

One of the ways the Lord helps me comprehend meaning behind key words, which are usually simple, every day words, is to look those words up, study various meanings, synonyms, antonyms, see how they are used, and pray for insight on what He is trying to show me in scripture through these words.

My Holman translation uses the phrase “Get up,” but the meaning is still the same . . . Jesus is telling His disciples to get up . . . rise up! Be about my Father’s business.

It has worked for me and helped me glean insight and understanding like I could have never imagined.

Another thing I like to do is look up the key words or phrases the Lord is trying to teach me and see how many times it is used in scripture. More often than not, that tells me if the Lord God used these words, and His son, and disciples used these words . . . then I need to know them, use them, and live them.

So that is where I am today.

I know various translations are going to give different results but here is what I found:

Rise up is used 113 times throughout scripture.

Rose up is used 109 times in scripture.

Arise is used 158 times in scripture.

Get up is used 121 times in scripture.

Pick up is used 49 times in scripture.

I then looked up the word rise and was wowed by what I found. There are MANY definitions, and I will list them, with a key emphasis on a few.

Rise is a verb (which we know shows actions. It is a doing word – which also performs action.Which means you can’t sit down and do nothing.) It is defined as: to assume an upright position, especially from lying, kneeling, or sitting; to get up; to return from death; to respond; to move forward; to extend above; to become elated; to attain a higher level; to increase in number; to come into being; to take place; the result/consequences from being; to exert oneself to meet a challenge; upward movement; a spot higher than surroundings; an increase in value.

Now some of the phrases won’t mean as much to you as they do for me – and some will be important and speak to you that didn’t me – but for me – to get up (to be about the Father’s business); to return from death (does that not describe what Jesus did in the tomb?!And what happens to us when we surrender to Him and make Him Lord of our life?!); to respond (don’t ignore); to move forward (keep making progress); to attain a higher level; to come into being (looking more like Jesus); and my favorite one . . . To increase in value. My value was already established before I was even born. So is yours. The question is, are we living like we believe our value? Not knowing my value has held me captive for many years, and a lot of scales have been slowly removed from my eyes for me to truly see value in myself.

I’m not doing any good for the Father’s business if I don’t believe what the scriptures say about me. And the same goes for you.

Jesus commanded the lame man in John 5:8 to “Rise up, pick up your mat and walk”. Before the lame man could do anything he had to believe. But if he had believed and never taken that first step he would have never even known he was healed. He had to believe – he had to have faith. The same is true for us. We know what scripture says about us, but do we really believe it if we aren’t living it.

He has challenged me to “rise up” and know my value. To take that playground back from Satan that I allowed to be built in my head.

It’s time for us to pick up that mat and believe what scripture says about us over what man says.

It’s time to put some action behind our faith.

Father in Heaven, I am so thankful for your long outstretched arm and your patience. Thank you for grace. Use us today. Empower us to rise up and be about your business. Forgive us when we put our trust in ourselves and not in you. We love you, Lord. Amen.

I can’t help but hear the words to this song as I penned this today –