The last two weeks have been a little stressful. I’ve carried many burdens before the Lord of those I love and hold close to my heart, but even more than that in the last few weeks of spiritual growth there has been several layers of unveiling, exposing of deep seeded roots of pain that I was released from and received healing in.

And that’s exhausting.

My daughter is away for DNOW this weekend. My husband and son have gift cards to the bookstore to spend so I have taken some time just for me this afternoon.

I brought my books to read, journaling calendar, coffee, sun hat, and Bibles so I could soak up some rays while basking in the Son.

And within minutes, walking in the solitude of silence . . . He meets me.

He’s been waiting on me to get here all morning.

He had someone come before me to plant this feather . . . Just for me and in the direct path He led me.

I didn’t even see it until I was walking back to the car for my second trip of blankets and books.

And then after getting all set up, to including removing my boots . . . who wears boots to the beach y’all? A Florida girl in the winter, that’s who! 😂

He takes me on a walk.

It’s like He was/is right here with me, holding my hand in the quietness and stillness of the moment.

And then He says, “I see you.”

I videoed this in the first few minutes of arriving at the beach today.

And just when I think my time with Him can’t get any better, He brings to mind a song . . . only the song that comes up in my search isn’t the song I was looking for . . . but the song He wanted me to hear. But before I share it with you, let me share the details only He knows . . .

This Friday night the Charis House ladies and I will be talking about Hagar, you know . . . “the other woman”.

And in recent weeks the Lord has been teaching me about the desert and the types of trees planted in the desert . . . trees of protection . . . like the one He used to provide shelter for Hagar and Ishmael that sustained them.

And then today He leads me to this song . . . and the first woman she sings about . . . Hagar. I want you to pause a few minutes, get still, breathe deep, and listen to these words . . .

I can’t tell you all your problems will go away when you walk with the Lord. Scripture is clear to warn us that we will have trials in this world. My goodness look at the persecution Jesus walked through. If He walked through it then we know we will face it so don’t be deceived when Satan comes against you and tries to convince you that you’re the only one walking through the muck and more. But, regardless . . . whether in the valley or on he mountain top . . . I would rather walk with my Jesus through a fire than live in this world without Him.

I don’t know where you are today . . . I can’t pretend to know the burdens you carry . . . but I can tell you . . .

He. Sees. You.

Psalm 91:4, He will cover you with His feather and under His wings you will take refuge. His faithfulness will be a protective shield.