The Trash Keeper

The Lord keeps taking me to the Dung Gate in Nehemiah – not only about the importance of removing things and people out of my life that shouldn’t be there but also focusing on the gate keeper. He had a job to do – it wasn’t a lavish job but it was just as important as the other gate keepers.

Had he not taken his job seriously then an attack would be imminent.

Am I doing all that I can do with the calling on my life?

I struggle with comparison and discontentment badly.

But God, He is gracious to reel me back in and gently whispers, “Go for the one I put in your path daily. That’s your job. Show kindness. Show love. Be an encourager. Show women their worth. Show them they are valuable. Touch the lives I put in your path daily. “

So regardless your job, whether you are the CEO of a major corporation or janitor that is taking out the trash and cleaning up after people or maybe you are a mom of a couple toddlers and you carry guilt over not being able to serve right now – God has you exactly where you need to be in this season if life.

Do your job unto the Lord.

You are making a difference in the lives of others.

Colossians 3:23, NLT: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lordrather than for people.”

One thought on “The Trash Keeper

  1. Stacy I appreciate your post, ur dedication. The post on gate study really good! We definitely need to have a way to get rid of trash, otherwise our lives would stay the high garbage dump it was . BUT, praise GOD, HE made a way, The GATE, JESUS, who answers our knock, when we come n cleans out the temple n prepares it for the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD to come an dwell in, so it can be of use in the service of the LORD. Keep up the good work


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