He knew . . .

I’ve heard that hundreds of times since surrendering my life to the Lord, but then another layer of that onion is being peeled away – more refining begins to take place and more scales are removed from those foggy eyes.

In these moments and in recent days He seems to be making Grace appear more and more precious to my soul.

Last week I sat in a class that I really wasn’t sure I would stay in.

Much of what was discussed was well over my head, but two things the instructor shared penetrated this hard skull of mine that encompasses my brain . . . even though the body and soul sin the spirit can’t sin once the Holy Spirit is living within in you because God is perfect and He can’t be with sin. So our spirit remains perfect while the flesh soul remain sinful. (I’m still trying to grasp that – whew.)

The other thing she said that I have never heard before was, “you can’t disappoint God”.

My heart skipped a beat.

I came home last week and began studying scripture and trying to prove or disprove what was said.

A piece of me found peace this week.

For several months there has been a spiritual battle raging in my mind.

I started countering that battle by doing word searches on shame, guilt, embarrassment, disappointment . . . . you get the picture but hearing that statement breathed hope and encouragement to my hurting and defeated soul.

So if you are out there and you beat yourself up over what you consider your failures or would haves, could haves, or should haves – you are not a disappointment to God.

Regardless what someone else has said to you or what you have said to yourself – you are not a disappointment to God.

And you can not be a disappointment to God.

In order to experience disappointment it means you have or had different expectations of someone.

Well God already knows everything – EVERYTHING!

You can not disappoint God.

He knew when He was nailed to the cross what He was dying for – not for part of our sin or for select people – but for ALL our sin.

The past sin, the present sin, and the future sin of the world.

You can’t be disappointed if you know it all already.

One thing I read last week while researching and then the instructor quoted last night was, “There is a difference between being disappointed IN someone and being disappointed FOR someone. ”

That was a breath taker for me.

So for anyone out there that beats themself up and is in the middle of a battle of the mind –

for God so loved the world, that He chose the cross . . .

He still chose . . . YOU!