During the year 2019 I think I learned the meaning behind being intentional better than any other word.

I struggled and still struggle with purpose, guilt, and shame . . .

But God . . .

He is so gracious and patient with us, isn’t He?!

God honed in on teaching me to be intentional in showing kindness, love, and being an encouragement to women – not in large groups but one by one that He Hand picked – and He did that through these bracelets.

I’ve shared many times how God used pennies to encourage me – how so many of us just walk over them and discard them because of their low value – these beautiful beaded bracelets with inspirational words bring the same reminder.

Why? You ask . . .

Because every bead is made of something that is crumbled up, shredded, and discarded over and over and over – paper.

I’ve never met Dawn but when I reached out to her last year about making these so I could hand them out to whoever the Lord put on my heart she gladly obliged. This is my second or third order with her. I can only order a small quantity at a time but my hope and prayer is that the Lord would put the women in my path that He knows need His touch.

And He has been so faithful in doing just that . . . some He has had me to leave with no explanation, some with a simple note, and some He has had me hand to them and explain the meaning to them . . . that just like the discarded paper that makes these beautiful beads have value and purpose so does their life . . . that regardless of the past choices they’ve made or who has told them they are worthless their life still has meaning and purpose and that God loves them. And it has been amazing – and the messages on each bracelet – a divine word for each person.

Only God can do that.

Maybe the battle in your mind tells you the lies of the enemy are true – that you are worthless and pathetic. That you can’t do anything and that you will never make a difference in this world.

It’s time to take the playground in your mind back.

Stand on the Truth of God.

Remind yourself what God says about you.

Are you standing on God’s Word or Satan’s lies?

I asked Dawn to please start praying with me on who is to receive a bracelet during 2020. She messaged me back and said, “I started doing that while I was making them.”

How amazing is that?!

So I ask you . . .will you pray with me for the 25 women the Lord would have me be intentional with during 2020?

And will you join me in being intentional with other women?

I can’t make an influence of hundreds of women but I can make a difference in one woman’s life.

And so can you.

Help me encourage someone. Be kind. Let someone skip in front of you at the check out line. Or even the unthinkable- let someone out at a stop sign or pass in front of you. It doesn’t take much to put someone before yourself – it really doesn’t. It merely takes slowing down and looking for some one body.

Usually they are right in front of us.