Yesterday a dear friend text me and said, “read Psalm 100 today”.

Then on the Olive fb page it was posted.

And then this morning I “accidentally” opened my Bible to it.

I have found several pennies over the last few days but the Lord hadn’t given me a verse to correspond with them but as soon as I saw Psalm 100 for the third time in two days I knew this was for one of the pennies.

How do I know?

Because for several months I have battled discontentment and jealousy – wanting what others have.

Those details aren’t important to anyone right now but know this – the Lord is working overtime on me in this area.

It’s tough.

That root of jealousy and discontent is a vine that leads to anger.

No one knows the depths of the struggle I have been having over this except the Lord but He used a special day – a day of Thanksgiving – to reach down from heaven to love on me – to show me grace – and show me one more thing I have to be grateful for and that’s a two way relationship with my Creator. The kind of relationship that I know He is waiting on me each morning just like I am waiting on Him. The kind of relationship where He won’t let me get too far out of His reach before He is reeling me back in closer to Him.

How can I not be grateful?

How can I not be content?

How can I wish for something more when I already have so much – in every aspect of life?

The struggle is real – even knowing these truths – but knowing my Creator is pursuing me and teaching me a new level of contentment gives me much to be thankful for.

Another reminder to trust Him. To trust His plan – even when I don’t understand and especially when I don’t like it.