I experienced something new this morning.

I have been listening to Ray Vander Laan on Right Now media while working on a cabinet this morning. He said something I didn’t grasp the first time I heard it so I stopped what I was doing and have played it several more times.

I’ve read the verse he is referring to many times but I never grasped the physical beauty of it that brings comfort until he had us (the people in his group and me sitting at home lol) do this one thing.

He says,

Put out your right arm as far as you can and repeat after me.

“The Lord is the shadow at my right hand.’

Now reach it further.

“That’s the furthest God’s shade ever is from you. As far as your right hand can ever get away from you is the furthest God can ever get from you.

Can I just confess that I so needed to hear that this morning and see this in the physical realm of actually seeing the distance of my shadow . . . but also in the spiritual comfort of being so close to my Lord. I stood there in awe a few minutes of just how close He is.

Even when He is silent He is near – as near as the shadow of my right arm.

Maybe you need this comfort too? Reach out your arm and see just how close He is.

This isn’t so much about our own shadow but it is one of my favorites. I hope it comforts your heart this morning as it has mine.

Under His Wings

The LORD watches over you– the LORD is your shade at your right hand . . Psalm 121:5