I had a rough morning of beating myself up. I thought I had done so well in an area I’ve been working on but totally blew it . . . bad.

“How could this have happened again?”

“How can you forgive me for this, again, Lord?”

“What is it going to take for me to finally get it?”

“How can you ever use me when I can’t even get this area of my life in order?”

Some tears were shed and my heart hurt – it still hurts.

Discouragement set in.

Then a few hours later I received this message from a friend. The words she shared penetrated my hurting heart with comfort. I asked her if I could share her story because I knew someone else out there would need to read her penned words as much I needed to read them. She graciously said, “of course”.

So here is my friends story. I hope you will be encouraged and know your scars – whether internal or external – don’t define your value.

I found a penny under the car yesterday morning, and immediately thought of you. One side of the penny was completely marred, its surface was scratched and honestly unrecognizable. You flip it over and of course that side also was scratched, but not a severely as the front. The backside of the penny is how you could tell it it was indeed actually a coin. I thought to myself life is a lot like that scarred penny. We all have marks, we all have scars. But those marks and their scars do not define us. But the one thing that stuck out, and still does, is the fact that regardless of how unrecognizable that Penny was, there is still value! My husband’s dad passed away on Sunday, it has been a very rough few days… But I found a penny! And that Penny makes my heart smile.

As I read my friend’s words this song began to play in my head, SCARS, I Am They. I hope you will listen to it.