I have to keep telling myself this –

In the last month I’ve tested positive for smooth muscle antibodies, an enlarged liver, broken out in blisters on a large amount of joints that inch and burn and quite frankly drive my nuts, had three skin biopsies done, enough labs drawn that has me questioning if I need a transfusion 😆 and am being scheduled for a biopsy in the next week after a year of follow ups from a mammogram last year now shows an irregular and growing nodule.

And that’s just me – not to mention what my husband and kids are walking through . . . 😫

I am tired . . .

But through all this I can testify to one thing – God’s grace. His presence. And His provisions.

He has continued to pursue me relentlessly and whispered sweet words to my soul during our quiet times together . . .

“Stay focused on Me.”

“Don’t forget your calling.”

“Faith is action. Are you going to live it out?”

“I am the Living Water.”

“Be like a tree rooted by waters edge. Stay grounded in the Word. Focus on Me. Drink from Me and I will fill you.”

“You have to walk through this to testify of my goodness because you will be able to walk when doctors say you shouldn’t be walking. When you can speak but should have no voice you will give Me praise and testify of my goodness. When you have no digestive system you will be healthy. When you shouldn’t see you will have sight. Your healing will cause doctors to marvel and you. Will. Testify. Of. My. Healings.”

So my friend, I don’t know what you are walking through today . . . for some it is far worse than the petty things I’m walking through . . . But IF God allows it He can use it for good. I don’t understand it all, but I know He can use your pain to help someone else. And like this image says, if you are being attacked then the enemy is trying to distract you from God’s plan.

It’s time to hunker down.