Two things happened that made me laugh yesterday.

One is a fella I bought a meal for . . . He told me I had “good hair” for an “older woman”. I laughed. πŸ˜†

The second thing that made me laugh came from the audiologist who was doing my hearing test (because aging has it’s downfalls lol). She told me I had tiny ear canals and she had to use the smaller sized connectors for my hearing test. I told the audiologist, “wait, can you say that again cause I haven’t been tiny anywhere for a VERY long time!” πŸ˜† We both laughed.

I started praying for my laughter to be restored in May of 2018 while attending a speakers conference.

Then several months ago He gave me Job 8:21, “He will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.”

And most recently, after starting a study on the women of the Bible, I learned that two times God’s promise and fulfillment of a child to Sarah made her laugh. Now I am NOT asking God for anymore children I can assure you that! But I am asking Him for restore my laughter.

Maybe you too have been so deeply wounded you struggle with letting that inner child’s innocence sprout – maybe you have forgotten to see the good in the things around us – nature’s beauty or a child’s laughter or innocent one liners that bring laughter but you hold it in because to laugh might mean you aren’t okay.

My friend, it’s okay to laugh when you aren’t okay. My favorite laughter is that laughter that is so hard that it brings tears that allows for the ugly cry tears and you just can’t hold anything in anymore. That’s healing y’all.

Oh I hope you will join me in finding laughter for your soul’s wellness.

Today I am thankful I woke up and I am thankful when I woke up He reminded me of these two experiences that occurred yesterday.

Lord, continue to restore the laughter in my soul. Amen.