I am learning so much through this Women of the Bible study. This week I’ve been reading about Hagar.

I went in to this particular lesson with a negative viewpoint of Hagar . . . as “the other woman and she got what she deserved” . . . but God has shown me just how much I have been like Hagar in my life and how the consequences of sin affect us and those we love.

And it hurts.

If I had to pinpoint one thing that stood out the most in this story I couldn’t – there are two – well a lot more than that but two things made me love my Lord even more . . .

One is He pursued Hagar into the wilderness when she tried to run away from her sin Genesis 16:7. Then in Genesis 16:9 the Lord affirms that in order to begin again we must face the original actions/consequences of our sin. In this instance Hagar had to return to her mistress. So often we try and skip past the origin and not deal with what triggered us to stupidity (making poor choices) in the first place, but in order to grow we must acknowledge what we have done or the trauma that has been caused. We have to have an ownership of our sin and confess our pain.

And the second thing that stood out is found in Genesis 21:18-21. Hagar and Ishmael were alone in the desert. She was out of water and she walked away from her son whom she had placed under a shade tree because she couldn’t watch her son die. But God – do you know that God is really good at throwing out those two words together? But God – again He heard the boy crying and the angel of God called out from heaven . . . Scripture says He hears the boy’s cries, scripture says He told Hagar to go to her child, and then scripture says He opened Hager’s eyes . . .

God showed me that even in the desert there is hope.

Even in dry barren lands there is hope.

Even when all seems to be dying there is hope.

And He showed me that even in the desert He provides – look at verse 20, “ and God was with the boy as he grew up on the wilderness.”

I don’t know what you are struggling over today, but I hope these two lessons I learned through Hagar will encourage you as it did me.

Even when we blow it God still loves us and provides for us. Even when we are outcasts due to our sin or pain He still loves us and provides for us.

He truly is a good, good Father.