July 27 I posted this picture to brag on my beautiful plant. It was thriving and even though I knew it needed to be trimmed back I wouldn’t let my husband touch it because I was AFRAID trimming it back would remove what few blooms it had. If you look at the picture below you will see the flowers were all external – on the tips of the beaches.

Fast forward to September.

Still minimal blooms but growing by leaps and bounds.

And then it was uprooted.

I was heartbroken.

My beautiful flourishing plant was wilted within hours with broken and splintered branches.

The plant was never planted in the ground but was in a large pot. The roots had grown THROUGH the pot and rooted into the ground THROUGH the pot so when the pot was forcefully moved it snapped off the strong roots.

My husband added some good dirt to the soil and cut it back then planted it in the ground.

He believed it would come back.

I doubted.

Then a few days ago he pointed out some new growth and blooms.

And I still doubted.

But then this morning I noticed even more new growth and blooms and as I was backing out the driveway looking at the ugly plant that was somehow blooming beautiful flowers the Holy Spirit spoke . . . “Sometimes you have to be uprooted to bloom.”

Whew. Just typing it out takes my breath away.

I think of all the things that have been uprooted in my own life that I have thought or still think is impossible to overcome and yet that plant that is half dead gives me hope of what is yet to come.

That beautiful green luscious plant was definitely appealing to the eye and flourishing but it wasn’t producing anything substantial.

And yet this ugly . . . what appears to be half dead plant that isn’t appealing to the eyes is producing beautiful flowers up and down several branches.

It’s breathtaking isn’t it?

I mean to turn this into a human – a live person – one that is beautiful and appealing to the eyes and gives off the appearance of thriving, doing and saying all the right things but are we REALLY producing fruit or are those good things just things we do just to play the part?

Far to often we are drawn by the eye towards something external instead of something internal . . .

Sometimes we ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit to dig a little deeper and go beyond our comfort zone – to allow ourselves to be uprooted and to see what the exposure of rawness will produce.

Sometimes we need to be uprooted and expose the roots in order to see the beauty within.

Oh Lord, forgive me for doubting and thank you for uprooting me. I don’t know what fruit you will produce through the upheavals but I’m excited to see the benefits of the pain. Amen.