Millions of Americans celebrate our nations liberty today. I am included in that number.

I love my country.

My dad and grandfather taught me to honor the flag and all political positions, not only including but especially the President of the United States. . . . even if I didn’t agree with them.

Respect the position.

Our nation has become a nation of entitlement and fairness. Every time I hear the bickering I think of my children fighting for things to be fair.

But life isn’t fair is it? No. It’s not.

As Americans we forget that this nation was founded to give free rights and opportunity to all. That doesn’t mean to only one race, or culture, or to exclude anyone that doesn’t believe what we believe. Yes, there is a right way and wrong way to become a United States Citizen, and I support that completely. But all are welcome if they do it the right way. Rules and boundaries are set in place for a reason.

America, the land of the free. That doesn’t mean there’s no charge to live in America y’all .

It means we are all free to worship who we choose to worship.

It means we have the freedom/rights to vote someone in office that we, as American citizens believe should be in office.

It means we can speak freely of what we believe and are entitled to our own opinions – regardless what they are.

It means that even though it will break and does break my heart, people have the right to burn our precious flag – the same flag that represents freedom and what my father and grandfathers fought for.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed it wasn’t to make our nation like any other nations – where women have no right to speak, where people are forced to worship a certain god, or where Christians are killed for their faith.

It was founded on freedom.

While many choose to worship the one true God – the one that defied death – others do not. That’s their choice, not only as Americans but because God doesn’t force us to have a relationship with Him.

He invites us in.

And we are free to choose.

I made the decision to choose Christ on October 19, 1998. I made that decision after spending 90 days of doing sobriety on my own. Trying to clean myself up for the Lord. Trying to undo all the muck and mire from 28 years of destruction, but I couldn’t do it.

There’s nothing we can do good enough to make us presentable to the Lord. Sin separates us from God. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to be our sacrifice of sin so we can come to the Throne of God boldly and worship Him.

Some think that’s ludicrous. And that’s okay. That’s their right.

And it’s my right to worship Him freely and boldly.

My walk into freedom has come a long way from where I was. I still have a long way to go but the God of creation loves me and adores me exactly where I am. He also loves me and adores me even more to continue to grow me more in His image.

As a believer in Christ, I have a responsibility to show Christ to others. If you are a born again believer you have that same responsibility.

Be kind (Jesus is kind).

Be loving (Jesus is loving).

Be giving (Jesus is giving).

Be faithful (Jesus is faithful).

Be long-suffering (Jesus is long-suffering).

Have joy (Jesus is joy).

Have love (Jesus is love).

Have peace (Jesus is peace).

We are to be and do all these things to others, especially to those who don’t believe what we believe. How else are we to win the world for Christ if we aren’t living like Christ? (And that doesn’t mean bowing down to societies expectations, views, and living like them either).

So today, as we celebrate the 4th of July, I want to encourage you to celebrate our independence.

I’m celebrating giving thanks to Jesus today for dying for my sins and for beginning the process of revealing Himself to me many many, many years ago.

I’m celebrating my freedom.

Romans 3:23

Romans 3:10-18

Romans 6:23

Romans 10:9-10

John 3:16

John 8:31-32