I started to not share this because I didn’t want someone to take me sharing it the wrong way, but if I don’t share it then I can’t show you what a changed life looks like.

A recovering addict wrote me this note. She gave it to me today. I’ve read it at least a half dozen times already.

Because of the Charis House Ministry – no – THROUGH the Charis House Ministry – God. Is. Changing. Lives.

What He is doing through this young lady’s life He can do in yours and others.

Today, God used a recovering addict to encourage a weary soul, to speak life to her, and to show her that she is making a difference in young ladies lives.

Today, a recovering addict became the hands and feet of Jesus.

Today, this recovering addict showed me that God is doing in my life exactly what He said He would do. He is bringing Genesis 50:20 to life. And when I receive a note like this, it makes my pain worth it.

God will never waste a hurt y’all.


*I scratched her name out for confidentiality reasons but I want you to pray for her and the others in the program, as well as their leaders.*