My weight has been an issue for many years.

When I started my sobriety I was a size 16/18. My weight began increasing then.

I’ve roller coastered with my weight up and down for these twenty years.

I’ve done diets.

I’ve done supplements.

I’ve done more diets . . . and more supplements.

I’ve even done Bible studies geared to changing your mindset on your worth and weight.

Nothing stuck.

My observation and opinion is I wasn’t desperate enough . . . Wasn’t ready . . . to fully surrender that area of control that was rooted in fear.

I personally believe God has allowed the health scares and diagnosis’s of autoimmune disease and a deep fear of dying an early death because of poor eating habits to get my attention.

While trying and using some health supplements a few years ago I started praying the Lord would make me my healthiest by the time I reach 50.

I’m 47 and will be 48 in October.

Since 2017 I’ve lost almost 80 pounds – since June 9, 2018 I have lost 70 of those pounds.

I definitely don’t have this thing figured out. I have remained refine sugar free as much as I can since June 9.

After a bad four months of autoimmune (from December to April) I am finally feeling better.

Three weeks ago, at the prodding of a friend, I started Intermittent Fasting. I fought it for weeks – but again – I had to get to the point of being ready – being desperate enough to want better for myself – and I gave it a try. The first three days I failed each day. But the fourth day and every day since then I have been successful at enjoying my open window time. While my weight has stayed the same the last several weeks my clothes haven’t. I have more room in my clothes and have had more sustained energy than I have in a long time.

It has taken hard work. Discipline. Courage (I didn’t know I had). And a lot of praying. A lot.

I don’t share these photos for praise or to brag – I have a long way to go to where I believe the Lord has set for me to go – but someone out there is struggling like I have been for so many years.

Maybe you don’t have a self esteem

issue like I do – but if you do – I need you to know – You. Were. Made. For. More.

Psalm 139:14 – I am fearfully and wonderfully made – regardless of my size. I. Am. Enough. And so are you.