The morning was insane – early wake up call with a sick dog and needing my husband’s help to attach a frame to a sign left me rushed and my schedule broken.

No coffee in bed and no quiet time.

I was a mess.

Then my perfect board – the one my husband was helping me with – began to show flaws. The natural wood knots and damage to the wood began to show through the layers of paint.

Usually I distress and like to bring those imperfections out but this was a sign that represented cleanliness and I wanted it to be clean and fresh with perfect crisp lines.

But that didn’t happen.

Each time I tried to cover up the imperfections they areas got worse.

In my frustration I started lightly sanding the areas when I sensed the Lord say, “build on the natural imperfections and use them to the signs advantage.” I ended up lightly sanding the entire board and then some places more than others. In some areas the color faded and that pretty country white became dirty – in fact – right over the word “whiter” appears to be the “dirtiest”.


I think not.

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to make the sign something it wasn’t that the board’s true beauty began to come through.

Can’t the same can be said about us? We compare ourselves to others and think less of ourselves because of someone else’s gifts or we think more of ourself because of someone else’s inadequacies. None of us are perfect- but we are created perfectly imperfect by Him and for His good. Once we start to accept ourselves the way we are – flaws and all – He can use us the way He intended us to be used and for His glory when we fully embrace ourself- flaws and all.