Before and After –

So I get a text from my mom a few weeks ago. She was so excited because she found this old HEAVY solid wood desk in EXCELLENT condition. She sends me a picture and I tell her to get it.

Then I meet her to pick it up.

When she opened the trunk my heart sank.

“Mom, it’s held together by tape.” 🤐

“Um, mom, the leg isn’t even attached.” 🤐🤐

“Mom, the top is separated – IN THREE PLACES.” 🤐🤐🤐

So I had to explain to my husband why I was bringing home ANOTHER project piece and not a quick flip like I had told him. 🤔

After much gluing, re-aligning, clamping, and praying this once piece of junk started to come to life and I was finally able to see its potential.

Until I bought the wrong color paint. 😭

I wanted to cry – what was so bad is even my husband told me I was getting the wrong color 😩

And yet for some reason I new the Lord was impressing it on my heart to paint it this color, one that was not to my liking.

So I did it.

Thanks to a vendor at Alyssa’s she suggested some dry brush strokes of gray and white on the top to soften up the boldness. I have used dry brush strokes on many of my signs but never thought about doing it on this piece – I truly sets it apart.

The hardware is painted white and distressed.

Everything is sealed with tuff top.

It’s ready to go in the booth but then God speaks and through this once hideous – broken down pile of rubbish He brings to life Titus 3:3-8.

There was a time people saw me as worthless.

Non fixable.

Cracked and broken.

But then The Master began gluing me back together – piece by piece – one clamp at a time.

The molding process was painful at times. And many times I wanted to give up – but then . . .

He began to show me I was worth His son’s death.

And even though I didn’t and still don’t like all the things I see – and even though some times life doesn’t go the way I planned – He shows me it can still be used for His good and purpose.

So maybe I picked this wrong color by accident – maybe it was in God’s lesson plan for Him to give me this analogy 🤷🏼‍♀️

And while I personally don’t care for the color, I think the end result is absolutely beautiful and it will look amazing in a little girl’s room. Somehow I can’t help but believe the Lord already knows to whom it belongs.

Maybe you you wondering about your life – maybe it’s a wreck right now – and things look hopeless. Can I just assure you – The Master, He is a skilled carpenter. He knows exactly what He’s doing.

You are loved.

You are valuable.

You are worth Jesus’ death.