I hope you believe God’s timing is perfect.

I haven’t written in several months. Between health and adjusting to working I have struggled.

Just weeks before this photo was taken I contacted a speaker mentor and told her I didn’t think God could use me in the area of speaking. I said I can’t imagine even trying when I have struggled with my autoimmune disease like I have for three months.

Shortly after that email of hopelessness was sent God moved.

The same week I was asked to share my testimony Easter Sunday with Pastor Traylor I spoke with a friend with Stonecroft Ministries about hosting an event in the future (praying about a date and waiting for some test results to come back before I elaborate).

That same week that happened I received confirmation that my eyes aren’t working right and I’m on my third prescription change in twelve months. Because of my autoimmune disease I went to see an ophthalmologist. While my actual eye vision has improved with a supplement I’ve been using my stigmatism is much – much worse. Everything was blurry but I could sorta refocus with blinking which will be evaluated more in three months along with some more testing. I picked up my new glasses this week and am trying to adjust.

I have shared in recent weeks on my personal fun page of my worry about my future – my vision was a huge part of that worry – huge – and still is but this past weekend God showed me – in His incredible timing – I don’t need my eyes to open my mouth to testify what He has done in my life –

I don’t need my eyes to share how He saved me.

I don’t need my eyes to share how He made my life new.

I don’t need my eyes to share how He gave me a new name.

I don’t need my eyes to share how He forgave me.

I don’t need my eyes to share how He has given my life purpose.

I don’t need my eyes to share how He is my Hope.

I don’t need my eyes to testify of the pit He pulled me out of.

All I need is the willingness to go – open my mouth – and He will do the rest.

I have no clue what God has in store for me. I don’t know what the future holds with my health – I’m working hard to be healthy and using natural products because I’m allergic to so many medications – but regardless – until the day I die –

I. Will. Praise. Him. in any way I can.