I have been doing a lot of research the last few months on what I can eat and shouldn’t eat. At times it gets frustrating and confusing.

A few days ago Priscilla Shirer made an instagram post about Danielle Waller’s new cook book.

She raved on the healthy options and the ease of the recipes. I did some research and ordered me a copy of SmileAmazon where my purchase would benefit the Ministry Village at OBC where a donation is made to this amazing ministry with every purchase I make. The book arrived yesterday and today I got to spend some time alone this beautiful cookbook. It is filled with food selections I have missed and have mouth watering withdrawals from! Just a few to mention are chicken pot pie, chicken n dumplins soup, pesto squash noodles (made from zucchini), shrimp and grits, and more! AND what is amazing is these recipes are all made with substitutions like Almond flour, coconut flour, arrow root, maple syrup sugar, and more! And while there are some recipes I need to alter to avoid night shade veggies, guess what?!?! She did that work for me by listing a code of what each recipe includes!!! She also had a substitution list, prep menu list, and various guides to help make your dinner a success! It’s incredible! Many of her recipes are paleo friendly, with adaptations for vegan and gluten free.

Wanna know what I like the most about this cookbook!?? I don’t have to scroll through page upon page of reading junk to get to the actual recipes!

Here are a few pictures of the many scrumptious pictures! That bacon one has my mouth watering!

I have no financial gain by mentioning this new cookbook, I just had to share my excitement!

I hope to be posting soon on my new menu selections!